Friday, 14 October 2016

procedure 1 how to feed a dog by aliyah

How to feed a Dog
  1. You will need a dog.
  2. You will need dog biscuits.
  3. You will need a dog bowl.
1. Call the dog
2. Get the dog biscuits.
3. Pour it into the Dog bowl. (make sure you don't spill it.)
5. Then let the Dog eat its food.
We are learning how to give instructions.
I am writing about how to feed a dog. This is my reflection. I have done the right thing I have checked it with the toolkit and success criteria to check my writing.


  1. Nga mihi o te ata Aliyah, my name is Aja-Marie and while I was looking at your blog I saw this post. This post seems interesting and I like how you explained how to feed a dog. I hoppe you visit my blog someday: Happy blogging blogger peace

  2. I Really love dogs and I really like how you put them all into steps.

  3. Hello Aliyah

    I really like how you told the readers how to feed a dog. Keep up the great work.